Shabnam Dutta Sahi

Bio: Mum-In-Chief, part-time broadcaster / writer / foodie AND full-time Drama Queen - that about sums it up ! So, why blog? 20 years in the media ( mainly radio with small forays into TV, writing, scripting, producing, translating and endlessly chasing payments across continents ) and 10 of those years were spent juggling a LOT of 'Home' and a bit of 'Work' with varying degrees of success on both fronts. Older Kid is almost 10, his brother, 7. Truth be told, I need them more than they need me now. I guess it's time to hoist the mast and set sail again. So here I am. Doing what I've always done in fits and starts and secretly adored, this time, properly - writing! Find me at shabnamsahi@gmail.com or catch a glimpse in the clips attached. Thank you. http://youtu.be/tfnTuJ1tP5U

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